Sunday, November 15, 2009

edensbouquet giveaway.

a few months ago sondra introduced me to the cutest of cute blogs/websites. it's a lady who makes vintage-y children's clothes that are absolutely adorable. she also happens to live in the most spectacular place called Windy Ridge with her 9 children. i've only been following her blog for a little while but sometimes i day-dream about being the 10th child over there at her estate. i'd love to romp around with edna, her goat, emily, her donkey & their guard dog simon.

if we were having a girl i'd probably squeal with delight every time i was on her site b/c of how many adorable options there are. her boy stuff is a bit more limited, but still adorable nonetheless. check out the clothing collections here but don't waste your time entering her give-away b/c I'm gonna win anyways!

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