Thursday, February 11, 2010

nursery inspiration.

we've been plugging away at baby king's nursery and making good progress! it pays to have a plan down well in advance given we had so many projects lined up prior to actually being able to start it.

the inspiration for the nursery came from an unexpected place. hubby and i were registering together and we realized that neither of us really wanted your typical pastely, light blue on light blue nursery for Baby King. (hubby can be VERY picky when he wants to be!) there were strict rules, no Disney, no teddy bears, no pastels on the walls, etc. in fact out of ALL the bedding and decor ideas at Buy Buy Baby that we saw, we only agreed (in principal) on TWO. An alphabet design in primary colors OR a woodland-forest themed colorful nursery.

when we ran across this bouncy seat at Target, the color scheme was nailed. this baby will be surrounded by deep chocolate, lime green, turquoise blue and bright orange. throw in the occasional creatures of the forest and VOILA! we were fortunate enough to receive the bouncey seat as a shower gift so the daddy-2-be went to town last weekend setting it up. cheers to making progress!!

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