Friday, March 12, 2010

spring giveaway.

i've been eyeing the vintage pearl's hand-stamped jewelry for awhile.

how cute is that family tree?! those initials?!

i want ONE of each.

please :)

lo and behold - she is having a spring-break giveaway on her blog.

maybe this is my lucky day!!


lauraelizabeth said...

Those are very pretty necklaces. Sure hope the give away worked out for ya! And also, congratulations on your pregnancy which i see from the blogs below.

check out my blog if you get a chance:

Syi said...

Very nice necklaces! I really hope that it is your lucky day and you have the pleasure of owning one!!

And also congrats on being pregnant!! No nausea or anything must be great, all the woman in my family usually have some nausea...I just hope it skips over me when I become pregnant in the future. Glad that things have progressing nicely and I hope they continue!!

Rosita said...

lovely pics. nice artwork on page layout!