Monday, October 23, 2006

caving pumpkin

caving pumpkin
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We had a pretty intense pumpkin carving contest not too long ago @ my house.

Jon or Lisa's pumpkins did not win any longevity contests. Both of their carved houses have completely caved in.

They are still on my porch for decoration of course. I think the falling-down houses add to the spookiness.


Jon said...

Also, the frey I think I have heard them...their pretty good. We need to come up with a weekend to cut down a xmas tree...I was thinking your bday weekend!!

rae said...

Ok, I'm not seeing the pics of the craved pumpkins and the link for it takes me to an HTTP help doc...

The penquin is surviving the daily rains of CNY and nightly candle lightings quite well.

Secret is smaller openings I guess; although for max lighting effects you want bigger cuts... Must be a balance somewhere.


niccunha said...

bummer you can't see the pic. it's actually much worse than the pic - I've propped Jon's pumpkin house up with little popsicle sticks.

the secret is definetely smaller openings. my LUCY pumpkin will stand strong through halloween!

Justine said...

Well this is a wonderful site! I'll be back for visits!

Justine said...

Umm... one more thing... there is not a photo of me on your flickr!!!!!!

niccunha said...

Check back daily for udpates!