Tuesday, October 24, 2006

counting calories & starbucks.

Over the weekend, I was in Liverpool visiting family and attended the Salt City Antique Autumn Show The show was a real downer for me because I love scouring for junk and turning it into something special. This particular show was mostly fancy antiques and super overpriced!

Anyways - I treated myself (because I didn't buy anything except the $6 ticket to get in!) to Starbucks on both Sat & Sun! Saturday I tried the new Maple Machiatto (I've been eyeing it for weeks), which was a big hit with me. Highly recommend it for those that like sweets. Sunday, at the convincing of my mother to be watching calories (cholesterol apparently plagues my family) I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte with skim milk.

Boo to Skim Milk. And to Cholesterol.


rae said...

We can do that... Need an espresso maker; hmm, add to the Christmas List Nicky?!?

Tom makes the best NY State Maple Syrup around, right in Tully NY on SkyMeadow Road at Jeff Phelps farm.

So does Brian for that matter, good cooking quality syrup that is...

As for Pumpkin Spice Latte with Skim; what can I say but You do get used to it when it's a matter of doctors orders!

Speaking of which I must recheck my cholestral; see if this Oatmeal everyday for breakfast is working on lowering the LDL (lousy DL)... Then I can go back to the good PSL...

niccunha said...

I love maple. Syrup, fudge, leaves, anything maple!

And - check WS for espresso machines. I'm sure they are the best!