Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who paints their kitchen cabinets BLACK?

When I tell people - their eyebrows furrow, they try to imagine what it might look like, or they wince a little bit and say 'Are you sure'?

I am NOW! Last night I found a tool online @ Sherwin-Williams to help me visualize it.

The Color Visualizer tool is super nifty. You select a room type (kitchen) and then pick from various room layouts. I choose the closest to the kitchen in my 1920's home and then started playing. You select colors for the separate walls, trim, doorways, cabinets, backsplash, etc. So NEAT. It's the next best thing to painting several colors on the wall to decide.

If they had an eSuggestion box - all I would suggest is being able to change your floor and countertop colors.

What does my virtual kitchen look like? I'ts below plus cream countertops and light hardwood floors. FUN. Check back for pics of the real thing!


Jon said...

Ha- I didn't see that you had posted a pick of the room and went and did it myself... your pick looks better then mine, I couldn't get rid of the pink in the room. Anywhos, you have to start watching Heros on monday nights 9:00 nbc- its about humans and the next step in human evolution...and also 30 rock tracy morgans new show on nbc...hysterical!! any was I off to make my spring scheduel...last semester baby! then on to the real world...owwwww

Jon said...

what did Mc make for desert ... chocolate chunk brownies in the cupcake holders?

rae said...

Tom & I watch Heroes, after hearing of it through Brian. But this past week, I fell asleep!

So, to catch up, for those without DVR or TIVO, etc.; on Mondays at 7pm, another channel (forget it so check your TV Guides) rebroadcasts last week's episode, then catch the current episode at 9pm on NBC...

niccunha said...

I'll have to add Heroes to my 'need to watch' list! Mon nites are tough for me tho b/c I work @ my otra trabajo - the P-bizzle.

dvr/tivo is on my wishlist though.

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