Thursday, November 16, 2006


Twenty-two is the number of cabinet doors we have in our kitchen. With turkey day right around the corner and 15 expected guests on the way, we're cutting it a bit close with our kitchen makeover.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a tediuos (read: time-consuming) process. The cabinet doors are all hanging out in our basement, being painted one side and one coat at time. The black paint starts tomorrow!

Hopefully, we won't be putting the hardware back on with the turkey in the oven.


rae said...

Looks Great Hunney, however do I need to mention that today is Thursday, and there is only 1 week before T-Day?

I didn't think so... And an upcoming weekend in CA to boot....

Oh my. Do you have time off before T-day? Do we need to make reservations, JIC?


niccunha said...

T-minus 7 days until company comes, oh my! I'm only a little nervous. But I do have all of next week off for vacation. (smile)

I have no big concerns, although Wegman's Feast-to-Go will be our backup!