Friday, December 08, 2006


So this is the coolest. my newest digicam accessory. The Gorillapod, made by JOBY. It's a flexible tripod, that can go just about anywhere.

Why I heart JOBY so much, is that it eliminates the need for those ridiculously cheesy urges one gets to 'take their own photo'. Or worse yet, for 2 or 3 people to try and take their own photos by holding out their camera.

Also - what better thing to take on a vacation for 2!!?? I no longer need to ask a crazy stranger to take my photo, when I'm nervous that they'll run off with it and then dissappointed when they chop our heads OFF.

I put Joby on our FRIDGE as soon as I got him. (ignore the fingerprints)

Then I set the self-timer and grabbed Lucy for a quick pic!

I am not the only crazy JOBY fan!


rae said...

wow, very cool device...even though it looks creepy...

rae said...

I've passed this along to Brian, he could use this in his tree stand!