Thursday, December 07, 2006

what it means to be mini.

Europe planning is fun and stressful, but coming along. Last night we rented a car for our 4 days in Switzerland. We'll be tooling around Geneva, wandering through the Swiss Alps on our way to Interlaken to check out Jung Frau, and then hopping over to Lyon, France to catch up with friends for a night. Sounds like a lot of driving, but Switzerland is a very small country!

When researching car rentals, I couldn't help but laugh when seeing the mini/compact options. They look like souped up golf carts to me... haha. Reminds me of that movie with Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher.... I really hope we don't have similar experiences.

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Jon said...

yeah thats tiny...A bit different from the jeep huh? lol The Jung Frau looks like a great time.You'll have to take a bunch of pictures. Hit the slops while your over there too!!! Alright I have been sick as a dog this week and haven't gone to work or class... Hopefully I get better before finals next week!