Wednesday, January 31, 2007

greetings that provoke!

I HEART MikWright Cards. I've spent much time lingering in the aisles of Wegmans & Parkleigh laughing ALOUD to their provocative humor and old photographs which makes these cards so unique. They remind me of old photographs that you might find when looking through old albums with Grandma.

Recently, on the KODAK BLOG - one of my work colleagues contacted the founders of MikWright - and interviewed them:

Kodak: "What is your most popular photo/caption of all time?"
MK: "Our most popular cards have to do with liquor, hair, and subjects that people want to talk about but let us do the ice breaking. Number one is card 294 (a picture of a man holding a Daschund with the caption, "there he goes again showing off his wiener")

They're very funny & I highly recommend 'em! My fave is card #334, I have just the friend in mind.

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rae said...

these are so funny, I'll have to take a look at wegmans, it's tough going thru 100's online...

the one 'I wasn't meant to work' looks just like Mom/Grama Sihrer... Too funny; and the irony is that's all she did...