Saturday, March 24, 2007

switzerland photos.

No one is holding their breath for the photos from our super-duper trip. Thank goodness for that, b/c I've been a total slacker getting them organized and online. My average time from "say-cheese" to computer is usually quicker than a bunny. But not with Europe. And doing the math, I think I know why....

As a couple, during our trip - we hit new photo taking levels never hit before. In our 19 day trip, we arrived home with 2298 images and 34 video clips. (well over 3MB of storage)

2298 pics?!?!?! That means, on average we took 121 photos per day. That's crazy. It's so crazy, I LOVE it.

fyi: I finished Switzerland and posted them to my Gallery Travel page. Next up: Southern France and Rome.


Roxanne said...

Wow! What a beautiful country. I imagine the pics don't do the mountains justice. Can't wait for the next country to be posted.

niccunha said...

well - if you want to see all the countries up until Switzerland.... just go to: