Sunday, March 25, 2007

mygoogle themes

My Google has THEMES, pass it on!

Thanks to ljc, I now know my 'My Google' page can have a THEME.

The page will dynamically change based on where you are located and what time of day it is, so you won't get bored of your theme. Very rad.

The 'Bus Stop' looks like it could be fun, but for now - I agree with ljc and will opt for the 'Tea House' theme. The orange trees are helping me move past winter and onto SPRING.


MylRae said...

Select Sweet Dreams, enter your ZIP and it'll move from sunrise to sunset during the course of the day!

Justine said...

Whats my google? Mine doesnt look like that!

MylRae said...

on the GMAIL page, at the top left corner you'll see a couple of menu options:
Google Gmail Calendar Photos Docs & Spreadsheets Checkout my services »

Click on Google and setup your page; it'll want you to sign in (same as gmail username/pwd).

Then you'll see
New! Select Themes
on the right pane to select from...

MylRae said...

continuing on this THEME ;)
if you click ADD STUFF; here is where you can add the URL for Nicky and My Blog pages as well as other cool stuff!

:) Mom

Jon said...

Yes, I agree I want to move past winter into spring!!! I haven't been blogging cause this is the week of no fun. I have two projects due and a test and everything has been last minute!!

Ok I off to class

Jon said...

Wait where is the new IT blog??

Lisa and I are in D.C. enjoying the nice weather and cherry bloosoms. I had an interview today with a an investment company- Chesapeake Inv, Which went well. I will be contacting them in May to follow up on a second interview. And I have 3 more this week, so I will keep you posted!!

Nicky work on the IT blog I will be looking for it!! until then