Monday, March 26, 2007

junk outing.

Sondra and I went junking this past weekend. We hit up some moving sales and antique stores. It is a successful trip when we can fill up the back of her SUV (camera pic below) with JUNK for less than $40 total!

Among my coolfinds:
-A $10 ladder that I'll use as a towel rack and shelf in the guest room.
-Large wire baskets ($2 apiece) that will make 4 GREAT storage with an industrial feel.
-3 small, old drawers ($1 apiece unless your me - then they charge you double!) from our local, architectural salvage shop. I'm going to make them into a 3 shelf inbox for my desk.
-2 OLD suitcases for $3 each. They'll likely be made into one end table, I'm just not sure yet if I want them on casters or not....

There was LOTS more (oh yeah - the $5 vintage drying rack!). I'm sure I'll post about the finished products. Let the projects BEGIN!


Justine said...

How you come up with all these ideas i dont know, but I am impressed!!

MylRae said...

I look forward to the before/after picture on the trunks... :)