Thursday, March 29, 2007

tom's toothpaste.

I'm a Tom's toothpaste lover. I made the switch about a year and a half ago. Bye-bye Colgate for Nicky. I like Tom's because it TASTES GOOD. Plus, they use all natural ingredients in their products and are big charity contributors.

Last night, we ran out. BOO. It was pretty late, but I scoured the linen closet to find the teeney-tiny travel size Colgate we have. It's tough to go back, it's like having Jiff after you've been eating all-natural PB for awhile.

I must have complained loudly, because this morning I was happy to find McAllister had made a late-night pit stop for Tom's on the way home from work. Happi Day!

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Anonymous said...

Colgate owns Tom's now...