Saturday, March 31, 2007

bento box.

A Bento box is to the Japanese what the brown bag lunch is to Americans. Since I bring my LUNCH to work each day, I was VERY interested when I read about these handy ones sold at Plastica.

It's a stackable lunch box with little compartments that could house all the snacks I bring to work. I bring LOTS of little things, and this would keep them all contained in a bright, fun lunch box that would make me happy each day @ noon. I like the blue, green and white one the best. With this, mr hummus doesn't have to touch mr veggies OR mr pitas until right before I eat!

I will admit - I might be pretty easy to please. Right now my solution for a lunch tote is tupperware in a Target bag.


Allison said...

I like the look of these Bento boxes - the Japanese really have a way with practicality. But what if you pack something that needs to be refrigerated? And what if you work for a company that has one refrigerator for 75 employees and you can't even find room for your sleek and slender can of Sugar Free Red Bull, let alone a three-tiered plastic box?

niccunha said...

True allison, so very true.

Because the Bento box has a flat bottom, it can be easily stacked on top of items. Especially a 6 pack of SFRB. (sugar-free-red-bull)

MylRae said...

That's an ugly solution; TW in TB... So where do you buy the pretty Bento Box; the link didn't take me there!

I like the other Bento Box found in most the Asian ethnic restaurants (Kymochi's Box C is my fav!) but not practical for travel.

Our office refrig has the same issues; overcrowded and stinks (literally) so we must label (name and date everyone!). We dump all that isn't labeled end-of-month. If we didn't, we wouldn't have any room.

Plus, people bring food for the week and month, not just the day; as if it's theres alone!