Monday, April 30, 2007


That's 'b' for b-a-g.

Some speculate that the average person gets 500 plastic bags per year. YIKES. While I was visiting my mom, I read about how California law may require retailers to sell reusable bags soon. She had one at her house, but forgot it on our grocery store trip!

I figured I'd do my part too, so when McAllister and I went grocery shopping 2nite - I planned on buying some reusable bags from Wegmans. I'm already off to a pretty forgetful start (and they wonder where I get it from ;-). After checking out, I realized I FORGOT to buy them. So I had to stand in line again. My plan is to keep a couple in each vehicle, hopefully in plain sight. Not that we're not environmentally conscious - we already reuse all our plastic bags for doggie duty.

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MylRae said...

Yes, I finally remembered to get it to the car; but left it in the car...

It came in handy at the Tailgate Party (Albany vs SU) remember! So when I finally got it to the store the clerk was very nice to clean out the beer bottle caps, asking me if I was saving them... Cute Kid!

I must buy more, one/car and one/office is a very good start.

At the very least, if you continue to prefer plastic over paper; save your plastic bags and once the trunk is full, take them back to the grocery store. The all have drop off bins!

Once Green Always Green!

Your retro, Green Mom :0)