Monday, April 09, 2007

easter decor.

Easter really snuck up on me this year, I've been busy busy busy. I usually don't decorate for Easter. It's just not a holiday that I've managed to acquire decorations for in my recent years of homeownership. That CHANGED this year when I discovered the Christmas Tree Shop.

The store is HUGE and everything in it is 'el CHEAPO'. I managed to spend next to nothing getting some fun Easter decorations. Like a deviled egg tray for $1.99! I can already tell it's going to be one of those stores that I will just keep throwing stuff into my cart. Before you know it, those cheap gadgets can add up fast. I'll to spend some time before I checkout rummaging through it to decide what I REALLY need.

I did notice some fun garden stuff which I'll have to go back for!


Jon said...

Yes acquisition of Easter decorations has not been a focal point with me either... I guess I am starting with the Easter grass left in my basket from the EB.

IT blog coming soon?

MylRae said...

Oh, might that be MY Easter Lilly that never made the trip home? Hmm, can you apply the 'scent' TAG to your BLOG posting so I might Enjoy it?!? ;0)

Well look out while shopping at CTS...They are so addicting and you now can find CTS in most cities; no longer reserved for the trip to NE!

Before you know it you'll be applying the self-inflicted barring from the store's entrance, to save your credit line!

I refuse to go to Dollar General, Family Dollar and the likes!

Dollar Here, Dollar There really adds up...

niccunha said...

Yes mylrae! That was the Easter Lily I planned on bringing in for my family's easter festivities.

It forgot to make it's way away from my window and into my car for a travel down the thruway.