Tuesday, April 10, 2007

racket press frames.

I enjoy challenging the notion of what a photo frame should be. On a recent junking trip, I scored a vintage tennis racket and press. At first glance, I instantly saw a FRAME!

All it took was a little stain, some acrylic plastic, a plastic cutter and some photos. I'm still looking for a nifty mat board, possibly made out of fabric or contact paper, but for now - using plain file folders from the home office will do. Sue, my future mother-in-law, gave me two other OLD rackets and now I have a TRIO! The photo theme (there is always a theme) is 'Lucy takes the field'

Check out how to make them on my projects page!


MylRae said...

Cute, but what's Lucy's #, where's the Jersey?

I like the photo frames! Looks like a lot of work; but I'll keep it in mind with the Yard Sales this summer!

(BTW: take off your March Madness watch entry, unless you have it on DVR)...

Sondra said...

Frames turned out nice!

Your bicycle planter looks great, as well!

Did you ever search for toile on ebay?

MylRae said...

Here's from Wikipedia's How-To series:


niccunha said...

That project looks NEAT.

I've heard about using a stack of OLD books for a vintage looking vase.... but never a frame.

I'll have to TRY it out! Thanks for sharing....

Jon said...

NICE... but the frame on the door?? I don't see where the pic goes?

niccunha said...

hi jon, actually the racket on the cabinet door was a BEFORE photo.

The frame is the AFTER photo.

I used the wooden 'press' that came with old wooden tennis rackets to make the photo frame.