Thursday, April 12, 2007

vintage drying rack

ever since i read Decorating Junk Market Style - I've been on the lookout for a cheap-o drying rack. Here's an easy-peasey project once you find one:

1. Purchase small binder clips, screws, beaded chain (I got mine @ Home Depot)
2. mark off 3 rows of even screw holes. I measured down from the top of the rack pieces so they had a nice flow to them once they were spread out.
3. screw small binder clips into the holes
4. measure/mark/drill 2 rows of even screw holes horizontally in the rack to thread the beaded chain through.
5. cut/thread/cut beaded chain through the two rows.
6. go back to home depot to pick up more beaded chain CLOSURES. (i didn't need the beaded chain, just the closures - where do you buy those?!)
7. attach the rest of the chain and spread the wings.
8. Add photos, notes, etc.

i love stealing ideas from the junk ladies - they are so CREATIVE! More pics of the final product are on my Project Pics Page.

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