Thursday, May 10, 2007

mini toletries.

This week I stayed at the DoubleTree in San Jose, California. Nice hotel with some nice staff.

Not to McAllister's surprise, I forgot my toothbrush back home. Happens everytime we, or I, travel. I must have the most diverse, traveled portfolio of toothbrushes from drugstores across the continental US and Southern Ontario.

This trip was no different. What I found HILARIOUS (and atleast got a laugh out of the gent who delivered it) was the size of the TOOTHPASTE that the front desk gave me with my toothbrush. It was itty-bitty and did not even contain 5 grams of toothpaste. I mean it's awfully considerate to assume I'll need toothpaste as well if I'm enough of an idiot to forget my toothbrush. But really - that thing didn't even last me 2 rounds! It's a good thing I remembered my travel size toothpaste.


Lisa said...

Did you get cookies delivered to your room on a cart AND with milk??? I stayed at a Double Tree before and that's what they did every night. Best service ever!

Lisa said...

Off topic, but did you see Grey's last night?? Ah McDreamy is really making me mad.

niccunha said...

the DT COOKIES were delightful. They gave me one when checking in and then each nice when they turned down my bed.

I found out you can order them from the website above!!