Wednesday, May 09, 2007

swiss pics.

I'm slowly getting through ALL the European photos we took on vacation. It's time consuming weeding through them all, tossing the ones Mc took (HAHA) and giving them fun and appropriate photo titles. (btw - I'm kidding about Mc, he took some pretty NICE photos with his new digicam!)

I'm very happy to report that Bourg St Maurice (that's in the heart of the French Alps in FRANCE) is done and up on my Gallery Travel Page. There are not a lot of them, we were only there meeting up with friends for one night. We love visiting these friends, and we only get to see them once in a great while since they live down in Hilton Head, SC. It's just crazy ironic that we happened to be within an hour of each other half-way across the WORLD!! Pic highlights include the scenic hour drive from Geneva, the Eiffel Tower of Beer and the fresh food of the market we hit up for breakfast before we bounced on out of there. Actually... there was no bouncing.... we hit MAJOR traffic given it was Saturday morning in a TOURIST town with ONE street get to and from it...

In case you haven't seen the rest of our Europe photos, every city/country is up on my Gallery travel page except ITALY. Stay tuned.

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MylRae said...

Not bad considering you had a gazillion pics!

I'm starting the 'Before' on the Kitchen Renovations this week...

Be on the lookout!