Tuesday, May 29, 2007

naked fish.

Here's something that doesn't happen often - I travel and FORGET to bring my camera! That never happens b/c it's always in my handbag - but I downsized for my quick, 2-day trip to Boston and it forgot to make the leap to my luggage. BOO.

Last night, my Aunt Tina picked me up at the hotel for dinner & she had the BEST surprise. She brought along Aunt Karen w/o me knowing! Completely MADE my day! No camera didn't stop me from snapping a camera pic of the DELICIOUS meal we ate at the Naked Fish last night either. This restaurant started in Massachusetts and is known for providing fresh, simple, naked fish seared over a grill with olive oil and lemon. I had the Mahi-mahi, mmmm, and also tried Tina's tuna which was stellar! I hope to be back to the area soon to visit family and perhaps try one of those cuban cocktails - the Latin Love sounds great!

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