Monday, June 25, 2007

hide your books.

Ok, ok - the secrets out... I'm a self-confessing BOOK thief.

I'll admit it. I've just caught myself red-handed with books borrowed YEARS ago that went unreturned to their rightful owners.

This self-realization came to me when organizing my office bookshelf, by author and color. I had to make room for the FREE books I got at the public market. Low and behold, there was no room with all the STOLEN property that lines my shelves. It's either get a new bookcase or FESS UP. (ok, so there really only was TWO books in the evidence pile - but still!)

What's worse is there is one I never finished, so now I'm attempting to re-read it.

So now I must ask... How long is OK to hang on to a borrowed BOOK?! Comments people - curious offenders need to know...

(I liked what T. Davis had to say about being a book thief.... )


Sondra said...

And to think...I was just thinking of lending you my "borrowed" copy of Marley and Me!

niccunha said...

OOoohh. But that's one I REALLY want to read. I'm sure that I'd be through it quick-as-a-bunny.

And now that my secrets' out... all the rightful owners can send me friendly (read: nagging) reminders when my time is up!

MylRae said...

Interesting topic!

More than likely, the lender has too forgotten and has no room on their shelves either.

You can put a STICKY in the spot, as a placeholder with a Name and Due Date (plus or minus a year).

Or create a database, just like the library systems...

I don't want mine back... In fact I'm sure I just took some of yours to donate in clearing my book shelves while reducing from 3 desk/office areas to 1!

Our L'pool Salvation Army is looking for Books. And the Public Library, 'Friends of Library' in L'pool always accepts books (no magazines PLEASE the sign states...) as donations as well.

So, there's never a problem clearing the book clutter!

Mom :)

Jon said...

Ahhh I say only a 2 month window exists. After that the book is considered stolen.

ps. I just emailed one of my professors and told him I would get his book back to him next time I was in Albany...I borrowed that book my first semester of my senior year... but it was for a course he would never teach again!!