Thursday, June 28, 2007

pickets, pickets everywhere.

Our neighbors down the street put in a new fence. To which I say 'good for them and GREAT for us'. Great for us because we took some of their old picket fence scraps that they were junking.

With all the fence scraps in our garage, LOADS of 'picket-fence' projects are running through my BRAIN. Let's see... I could make garden fences, planter boxes, a cute wall shelf, picket fence headboard, picket fence bookcases, a picket-fence shoe rack... the list is ENDLESS. You could add a picket fence to almost anything and it will ooze cute, shabby chic-ness.

First project up - PLANTER BOXES. McAllister put his new handy-saw to good use and built me my first prototype. They are now up for sale by the Dirty Birdies.

The how-to pics are on project page, check em out! And, because most of you will never make your own, if you're interested - just holler with your color of choice!!

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Jon said...

...very interesting....

personal me or g chat me with the plans for next week!!