Friday, June 29, 2007

taste of Rochester.

Tonight we went to a Taste of Rochester. The music was good, however I noted not from Rochester. (boo) Some good eats, but we had to pass on food vendors like Uno's and Papa John's. I'm sure we could have come up with more Rochester focused eateries than them.

Lots of foodies were out, gobblin up goodies - so was 'festival guy'. He is this shirtless dude who dances at all the local rochester festivals. He was dancing so fast he should be called 'blurry festival guy'. I didn't know he is already famous, I took a short video of him and when I got home I saw him already on You Tube.

I passed on the garbage plate (for once) and stuck to the fried dough. I had will power of steel, because I also went home without having a chocolate almond cone from Abbott's. Then again, there's always tomorrorow.....

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