Friday, June 01, 2007

save the date.

Remember how long my hair was back in November and even just last month? Well it's really, really long now (growing about an inch a month!) and getting unmanageable for me. I'm a low-maintenance gal and the time it takes for me to blow dry this mop could be better spent sleeping in the morning. Plus the weight of my ponytail can give me headaches.

Those are just TWO of the reasons why I'm so excited that I booked my CHOP for CHARITY appointment today!!

Next Friday, June 8th - I'll be chopping off as many inches as I can for Locks of Love. Stay tuned for the pics!


MylRae said...

That is Tom's 50th B'day as well... Good luck with lopping the locks!

Rekha said...

Rock out girlfriend! You're doing a great thing and it will feel good! I can't wait to see your new do!

Justine said...

Woo Nicky! Very proud of you for doing such a lovely gesture!