Wednesday, June 20, 2007

robust rhubarb.

McAllister and I went to Niagara on the Lake for Memorial Day weekend. We did our USUAL - visited with friends and family, had bonfires in the orchard, took long walks along Lake Ontario looking for lake glass and shopped at Ikea.

Now from time to time, we may SMUGGLE stuff on our way back across the border. Since I was quite envious of my soon-to-be mother-in-law Sue's crazy big rhubarb plant, this time was no different. (I'm convinced they feed it steroids) We decided to try to risk it all and smuggle a couple stalks home with us.

Unbenounced to the US custom officials, our well-travelled rhubarb made it all the way back to the Roch. However, by the time it made it's way out of our trunk and into a planter - the wilty rhubarb's outlook didn't look promising.

Around day two, I decided to put one of my lucky rocks ('GROW UP') into the planter to help the poor thing's transition to US soil. Within a couple days, the droopy stalks all fell over and died. Then just as I was ready to shove something else in the dirt and pray like MAD it would grow, 2 teeney-weeney stalks starting SPROUTING up!

If this keeps up, I may need to start making more good luck rocks.

Day 3 - 4 dead stalks

Day 21 - two 6 inch stalks!


emily said...

I put all my good luck rocks you made me around my dead rose bush I was telling you about, I hope they work!! Thanks again for them!!

MylRae said...

I brought the King's Rhubarb across the border years ago and it's doing great.

Being I'm without a kitchen, this years crop is now in the freezer. And the Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake will have to wait.

If all else fails, come to L'pool for the Americanized Canadian crop for it's sure to grow in Rochester where it'll be closer to it's ROOTS!

(Hee Hee)

niccunha said...

ahhh. I'll have to remember that rhubarb can be frozen!

Then we can have rhubarb PIE all year long!

Thanks Mom ;-)

MylRae said...

A co-worker advised me to simply cut into chunks, bag and freeze.

We will see...