Saturday, July 28, 2007


so there I was, on my front porch reading a FREE copy of kiwi magazine I was given - when a mysterious, envelope stuck inside caught my attention. this wasn't the usual irritating postcard insert thats ALL magazine publishers include to drive us bananas - but a thicker package that BEGGED me to open it.

meet fruitabu. a whole new way to eat fruit, all smoooshed up and tasty. think like an organic, healthy fruit roll-up that is naturally sweet. the advertisement collateral blew me away. there were FUN stickers (that have adorned every piece of snail mail I've sent in the last few weeks), iron-on transfers to make t-shirts, a bumper sticker and magnets. their tagline and little creatures are the cutest and who can't like the word SMOOOSHED?

McAllister brought home some organic smoooshed fruit flats to try, and the strawberry is very SWEET and yummy. i've officially joined the fruitolution.

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Allison said...

How could no one have commented on this?!?! It comes with STICKERS for god's sake! Count me in for the fruitolution, Nic.