Monday, July 16, 2007

new ride.

Check out my new wheels! That's right, I downsized from 4 to 2 for the next couple weeks. In order to save LOTS of money, my jeep is over in Canada getting some love from my special mechanic! (future father-in-law)

My friend Betsy was nice enough to lend me her bike. It's been about 10 years since I rode a bike, but after day two - I have some tips for anyone using the main drags to get to work like me.
  • Cut through neighborhoods and take side roads as much as possible
  • WATCH out for cars zooming out of their long driveways, cause they don't watch out for you.
  • Wear a helmet. (even if it's purple)
  • Be on sprinkler ALERT. When you are biking 30 minutes with a 20 lb backpack - you need a refreshing shower every now and again.
  • Bring deodorant to work.

Even though my new wheels aren't as nice as Emily's - I am doing my part as a GREEN citizen by biking. On rainy days, I will try out the new hybrid bus from the Rochester Transportation System. I read that the diesel bus is quieter and more fuel efficient.


Lisa said...

Woah Lance...I mean Nicky! Looks like we'll all be cruising around on two wheels. Jon and I are ordering our bikes tonight. And we already purchased our first CFLs. Go Green and happy biking!!

niccunha said...

NICE. What are CFL's?!

lisa said...

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs silly :)

MylRae said...

You need a loan out for CFL's.

I'm still figuring out my new lighting in the house, all with CFL's.

But some aren't made yet. Especially in the decorator bulbs.

And can't they slim down the size on the 3-ways? I need to buy a new Lamp Arp to fit around them.

I agree with Kermit; It's not easy being GREEN...

Jon said...

haha mom thats funny. And yes me and lisa are in the process of buying new bikes so we can commute to work and hit up so XC trails!!

lisa said...

Hmm, I need to practice in the driveway for a few weeks before I even tackle the streets, let alone XC TRAILS, JON!! haha