Monday, August 13, 2007

catch my mail.

one of my newest junk items that I'm re-purposing is an old BABY scale. the junk ladies used an old baby scale to hold rolled-up bath towels, but i already have our homemade ladder towel rack in our guest bedroom. McAllister's mother Sue gave it to me and while I was trying to find a creative use for it, it served as a catch-all in our foyer. then it hit me, we'd use it to PILE the mail up! it's nearly the same color as the kitchen walls and I think it fits the dry-sink nicely.


Jon said...

Wow!! What will she think of next...

sondra said...

looks great! glad to see you're reading Marley and Me. don't you love it.

just wanted to share this link with you.

you've tainted me with techno curiosity, so i gave blogging a try at 11:00 tonight for the hellll of it!

any tips?