Sunday, August 26, 2007


today we went kayaking on the northern end of canandaigua lake with some friends. i forget how close we are to nice bodies of water living here in rochester.

we rented some kayaks for 2 hours and leisurely strolled around the lake. we checked out the pier, the state's smallest park, Squaw Island and some old boathouses. i really liked the old boathouses on the pier. i later found out that they are actually historic, the first of which were built in 1848 and also that Squaw Island is like 11,000 years old!

we had a picnic in kershaw park which was fun, such a nice view of the lake.

You can check out the rest of the pics on my Kodak gallery page.


Jon said...

any tuna on that lake?

Tina said...

Too flat to catch Tuna! Beautiful lake though! Looks like a fun trip to me !Wow , all those snacks ,yummy ,what was to drink?

MylRae said...

I wanted to get Tom a Kayak for his 50th b'day this year... Maybe next year. It's fun and so easy to maneuver, unlike a canoe.

I went with Sue and some of her friends to a park on Lake Ontario and actually went fishing for the first time this summer!

niccunha said...

jon & tina - no TUNA in this lake. Canandaigua is beautiful, only about 15 miles long and very narrow. Come to think of it - we didn't see ANY fish.

tina - we had beer, water, smirnoff ice's (i tried the black cherry - yummy but too sweet for me) and kimmer brought MUDSLIDES. soooo good.

Mom - totally sh/get a KAYAK! Not a dbl tho. we want two single kayaks . they'll pay for themselves after about 10 trips of not-renting them! our friends have 2 and they'd make a great, outdoor double date!