Monday, August 27, 2007

kitchen gadgets.

we have two new kitchen gadgets!

the first is a merry MATE for our pepper grinder. mcallister is always cooking with kosher salt which doesn't easily FLOW out of salt shakers. he kept leaving the top off the shaker for easy access or just pinching straight from the container. several times the lid never got put 100% back on and I (or my food) was left SALTY.

i tried looking for a new container, but didn't find one. one day, while I was in my workshop glueing more corks on my wreath I was admiring several of my old tins. I use them to store scrapbooking scraps and store-bought cards I re-purpose. well the old Morton Iodized Salt girl begged for a chance to play her part so I moved her up in the kitchen! This tin is another one of the many cool finds Sue gave me, and it's being put to good use!

The other gadget is the ultimate ice cream scoop. this thing is the mack-daddy of SCOOPERS. It's strong, got a great comfy grip and maintains a nice balance while slicing through hard ice cream.

plus - it's PINK!

it doesn't give you the perfect, round scoop meant for a cone - but I love it just the same. i got it at william-sonoma but I don't see it online anymore.

i guess i'm not alone - it got good reviews on epinions.


MylRae said...

The Morton Salt Girl Rules... I love her umbrella too!

Jon said...

yeah the kosher salt can be a pain sometimes...I haven't figured out how to tackle it either.. This looks like a neat sollution