Sunday, August 19, 2007

scituate, mass.

we're back from a quick 3 day weekend getaway. we visited the Lavelle family on what is proving to be our annual family fishing trip. I just love picturesque new england. this year we stayed in the quaint seacoast town of scituate, massachusetts. think boats, fishing, shops, boutiques, dining out, seagulls, lighthouses, lazy strolls on the coast, sunrises and sunsets, plus more.

as expected, everyone took lotso pics. i haven't organized mine yet - but I pulled a few out to help me hold onto our nice relaxing break for just a few more days.


Lisa said...

Ah such a great weekend! (Despite some minor seasickness haha)I wish we all could have stayed longer though and that I could have caught a TUNA or anything for that matter =)
Apparently, the fishies don't like me much. I'll show them soon enough!

Jon said...

Great time all around!! Thanks to Aunt Tina, Uncle Ed, and Andy for having us. I really enjoyed Scituate....Mc we should probally go open up a dinner.

Allison said...

Be sure to post pictures of Jon's "el snatch ala hand" - and the number of fish he caught with it