Thursday, August 16, 2007

and we're off.

bags are packed.
directions are printed.
lucy's dog sitting arrangements made.

we're off to the atlantic ocean, away from tropical storms and hurricanes, to set sail on my aunt and uncle's boat for the weekend. we'll be fishing. and then fishing some more. while i plan to stick with plain ole fishing rods to catch my dinner, my brother will be debuting a new fishing technique on this trip. based on his description of it (below), I can't wait to capture on camera for all to see. he describe's this technique as (and I quote):

"... I see you have been practicing your fishing techniques McAllister, but they will be no match for my deadly in the water 'el snatch ala hand' technique I use while deep sea fishing. It's complicated and has been passed down from generations of my Polish/Portuguese ascenders. It involves some intense submerged salt H20 wrestling and can be pretty dangerous. So lookout."

hah. bet you didn't know we were polish.

Below is a mosaic of last year's fishing event photos.

see ya soon.


Jon said...

I can't wait to get on the water!! The directions are printed and the car is full of gas and ready to go.

My co-pilot and crony LM will be handling the calls along with our GPS aka 'the girl' or the 'Gips' So we should arrive in a same and timely fashion.

Can't wait to see everybody! Safe traveling.

Lisa said...

HAHAHA OOOO BOYY! Jon you better not let us down!!!!