Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm not sure what I enjoy MORE. writing for the 1000words blog at Kodak or getting to read everyone else's stories over there. they really are these amazing short glimpses at how powerful imaging can be in everyday situations. photos truly can make everyday living richer!

today i'm on 1000words talking about CLOUDS. Remember when I talked about going to drop Lucy off? well all the photos I captured that day really were b/c of fond memories I had with my grandma staring up at the clouds over Niagara River. I'm thankful to be able to hold on to fond memories and relive them through experiences like the one we had that day.

Check it out and comment over there if you'd like! The blog just celebrated it's FIRST birthday too - yea for an excuse to eat CAKE!

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MylRae said...

Hey, I left this big long post and nothing... does it take time to appear?

It was a good Cloud story too..