Sunday, July 01, 2007

oh canada.

Today McAllister and I quickly went to Canada to drop Lucy off for the week. Her grandparents are going to help us out and dog-sit while we go on vaca for the 4th. We fought lots of border traffic b/c it's Canada Day. It wasn't bad though - I got to wear my Canada tank top and take photos of Niagara Falls while I was in line.

We took our time coming back along Route 104, stopping at roadside farmer's stands and yard sales. I scored lots of treasures! It was picture perfect weather, so I made true by I taking CLOUDY 'photos from the car'. I tried to get a cloud in every photo, but after going through them just now - I think there are a couple we missed.

We also stumbled upon Beyer's Drive-in along Route 104 for lunch. It was a great grease-pit stop that we think Guy Fiere of Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives should spotlight for their onion rings.... yum.

Happy Canada Day to everyone!


Jon said...

very nice... are you guys renting a car when you come down?

Justine said...

Hello Im alive & promise to be blogging more regularly!

McAllister said...

Happy Canada Day to everyone!

MylRae said...

Glad Lucy is in Canada; Angel has turned into a construction cat but Lucy would find it uncomfortable. I'd worry about nails in paws too.

Jon said...

Happy Canada Day!!! Cheeers