Monday, July 02, 2007

meet skinny.

I came home from work and McAllister said he had a surprise for me. He opened the freezer and I found it chock FULL of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. He made the trek to an out-of-the-way Wegmans' to fill our freezer! (my East Ave Wegmans' hasn't caught onto the craze yet)

For those who haven't indulged, allow me to introduce you SKINNY and her ice cream treats. They are low-fat ice cream products and you'd never know it. You can rest assured that my palette has no time for ice cream that tastes 'low-fat'.

Skinny's website has lots of fun tools: the cowculator, Skinny e-greeting cards (my mom is gonna LOVE the one I sent her) and my most recent discovery - Skinny's Flavor Finder. As much as I heart Wegman's - I may have to make a pit stop at the Top's in Greece to try Skinny's Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream sandwiches. (I just hope Top's doesn't mind me carrying my treats out in my Wegman's tote)


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MylRae said...

i loved the card, can't wait to print out my new shopping lists... but where to find all those flavors, like Strawberry Shortcake!

Love her new waistline too!