Friday, September 28, 2007


*attention sushi lovers*. i found a fun, hip place with AMAZING sushi while out in San Jose. it's called blowfish. the inside has a modern, Tokyo inspired architecture and design elements with lots of tvs on the walls playing Japanese animation cartoons. (we watched speedracer)

they played ambient music which made everyone upbeat and served both traditional and more modern sushi which was all EXCELLENT. we ordered LOTS and everything was so fresh and yummy. their presentation was so cool - our sashimi platter is pictured to the right (dry ice made it work). my water came with a thin slice of cool cucumber - such a nice hint of flavor. something I will be DEF trying at home. my plum sake cosmo was tasty too.

def recco to any sushi lover going to San Jose, San Fran, LA, or Hollywood!


Sondra said...

Yummy! I've actually heard of Blowfish. I should eat sushi more often. I am a big fan of cucs in the h2o. Like to do it at my girlie parties. Need to have one of those!

Anonymous said...

Yummy is right! Watch out for those sake cosmos, though. You might find yourself walking funny and taking pictures with the Sushi Chef ;)

LISA said...

OOPS! I forgot my name on that one. hahaa i wasn't trying to be sneaky, I swear!!!!