Sunday, September 30, 2007


our front porch is in need of a new roof. so today our loving, HANDY parents came to Rochester to help us put on a new one. we really lucked out with gorgeous dry weather! here's a pic of McAllister's dad yanking off shingles. we can't thank everyone ENOUGH for all their help over the weekend.
remember last month when we turned our charcoal grill into a mini firepit?! well mcallister's dad saw it and told us he would whip us up a firepit, dirty-birdies style. he brought us down the and we enjoyed it ALL weekend. i couldn't stop smiling at this work of ART! it's made out of all recycled JUNK! how fun. he even included a removable grill grate in case the law comes to bust up our party. (hehe) since firepits are illegal, we can quickly transform it into a grill lickety split!


MylRae said...

Be sure to add a pic of the 'finished' product, your new roof that is...

It looks great from the bathroom window, all those ridges and valleys looking good with straight lines!

Jon said...

That is neat. I could use one for the apt!