Monday, September 03, 2007


last night we were reminiscing of having a bonfire in the orchard at McAllister's parents house, so we turned our grill into a mini fire-pit. we pulled up some chairs and enjoyed a couple beers after a nice bbq dinner.

when we have a fire or hang outside at night, we put GLOW STICKS on Lucy's neck. this allows us to see here in the dark while she roams off-leash. it's our best DOLLAR store purchase ever and works WONDERS!

where's Lucy? there she is by the garden. down below she was in the garage. i put on a few FUN bracelets too!

we had so much fun, i decided we need a firepit. our little charcoal grill can't take too much campfire wear and tear!


Anonymous said...

Now is definitely the time of year to purchase a fire pit. They are on clearance - one of our favorite words!! You bring it home and put the box in your garage for the long winter. Then when spring arrives, you open up the garage again, and surprise a brand new fire pit! It's a great feeling!! Just be sure not to wait too long! Don't forget...until you have one of your own we're only four streets over - you can always have one in our back yard!

niccunha said...

i'll def be on the clearance firepit lookout!

Oh - I didn't 4get at all! We originally planned on bringing beer and firewood on our way over 2 ur house (haha). But Mc was also curious if our little grill could handle it and by the time I came outside - he was nearly roasting marshmallows.

Marisa L. B. said...

What a smart idea about the glowsticks! Our property gets sooo dark at night!