Saturday, September 01, 2007

NY state fair.

Today we went to the Great New York State Fair. Growing up I lived close to the fair, so it was a regular family outing each summer. This year was no different, except for the ginormous amount of food I consumed.

my aunt tina had her face painted while waiting for funnel cake and deep fried OREOS. (yum)

we visited the sand castle after the blooming onion n beers but before dinner. the castle's theme was 'Merlin's First Spell' and it was AWESOME! (I love Puff's dragon dish and bag of 'Puffy Chow')

this shirt about sums up my day. i found it for sale after the dinosaur bbq pork carolina sandwich and before the chocolate milk and byrne dairy soft serve twist cone from the dairy building.

then add the butter sculpture, the poultry building, the sea lions, visiting the wool yarn exhibit, playing some water games, watching the cows take home prizes, eating more fried dough, rocking to a 50s band and indulging in wine slushies from NY vineyards. that about sums up half our day! (i am GLAD I can say I didn't indulge in the SPAMobile)

Check out all the pics!


sondra said...

I may be sick after reading this, but glad you enjoyed yourself!

MylRae said...

We were all Fried, Dipped and Coated at the Great NY State Fair!

It took Tom all weekend to recover too....

Jon said...

Looks like a great time!

lisa said...

I want ice cream!