Sunday, September 09, 2007

gone sailin'.

gone sailin' is the phrase I normally use when I'm out and about scouring garage sales. well saturday, sondra and i went sailin' and hit the jackpot numerous times.

here's a tip for garage sale regulars. have you ever been to a sale where more than one person is working?! well always try to feel out which one of the workers is the 'softie' on the prices. sondra worked her mojo and found the poor soul at one sale who's go-to price happened to be a quarter! We liked her, minus her crazy hat.

Once we filled my Jeep and cleaned out the place for pennies - we passed on the good TIP to others looking for prices.

you can check out her blog for her itemized finds, she is much better at that than I. (that cute lampshade was 0.50!) we hit a couple FREE piles that served up plenty of supplies for upcoming projects. happiday!


Jon said...

so you bought all that?

McAllister said...

Thats what I said, Jon!