Thursday, September 06, 2007

the winner.

the other dirty birdie asked her blog readers 2 guess what one of her recent junk outing finds was and what she was going to use it for. it was an interesting item which I'd never seen before so I was shooting from the hip with my guess. u can check out her blog if you're curious.... but I won! I was the WINNER!

i got my HEAPING pile of super-duper cute prizes when I came home from work today. there was a bouquet of hydrangeas wrapped in burlap, a loaf of lemon poppyseed bread, a K with lovely paper, and a cute card. they all brought a big smile to my face! i mean come on, who doesn't love PRESENTS?!

then it occurred to me that she won my plumbing trivia question. (for which i haven't selected the prize... but i'm already feeling the pressure!) well - we are really going to need more COMPETITION in our contests folks - otherwise the dirty birdies will just be exchanging junk piles!

and since I'm feeling LUCKY - I threw myself into another contest! this one is a fave blog of mine that I like to read often - freshvintage. colleen is witty, sarcastic, fun 2 read, and she's having a mystery giveaway to boot! the prize makes me DROOL....

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Sondra said...

Why didn't anybody say anything about this fun stuff?

Are you all jealous?