Wednesday, September 05, 2007

new 2 old.

i picked up a painting technique book at a garage sale for a QUARTER. then I read this month's country home magazine where they distressed an armoire using two coats of green paint. I already distressed our kitchen cabinets last fall, but this was a diff style - so I decided to give our old dresser a facelift!

it was the perfect project b/c I had ALL the supplies at home. paint, supplies and a dresser! the 'dry-brush' technique is where you put on a basecoat of paint (in this case dark green) and let it completely dry. then you paint your top coat on, but take off some of it off using a dry paintbrush while it is still wet, letting the base color show.

first I took off a lot of the topcoat paint using different stroke movements (like an X) but that was too distressed for me, so I put more on and took off less. the end result - a DISTRESSED dresser! (which is still in need of hardware)

Check out the pics!


sondra said...

Looks great, Nic!

Jon said...

solid up grade