Monday, September 17, 2007

monKEY sighting.

When I bought my monKEYS, I sent a spare chimp to my brother's girlfriend Lisa. Lisa LOVES monkeys. She even tried to be one for Halloween last year. (i recall from the pics that she looked more like a bear... but whatever)

The monKEY that set sail for Virgina was Nigel and he wrote her a nice letter when he was packaged up for the trip. (he was glad the post-office had a Sharpie b/c he was quite unprepared for his important introduction).

(for those who can't read, you'll have to click to make the letter larger)

I was delighted to have received a monKEY mail message from Nigel last week. It seems he is adjusting to his new climate nicely. Doesn't he look at home in Lisa's doorknob!?!


Sondra said...

And what ws the name of the one lying in the baseball field lonely and scared?

nickycunha said...

sondra - good question! those two perky primates are named Cheeky & Kong. Cheeky is pink. Kong is purple.

neither like being left alone in the field. thank goodness they are BRIGHT colors which made it easy for Josh to spot them.

Marisa L. B. said...

Thats a cute idea. We still have like 4 monKEYS left!

Lisa said...

Yes! Nigel made the blog! How exciting =)

And I don't care what anyone said.. I def looked like a Monkey and a cute one if I do say so mayself!! haha