Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In Scituate, we strolled through the local shops along the main drag. I was intrigued by store called Artifacts b/c they had a fun little JUNK pile outside their door.

Inside I met FRED. There were a bunch of fun Fred products buried in the back of store that kept me entertained. Like a fred - o - matic (a retro whirling kitchen timer that plays music), skeleton and monkey covers for your keys, a cactus pen that sits in a pot, desk accessories that made me smile and CUPS with fake noses on them. haha. The cups are very familiar... I think I've seen them before.

I could NOT resist getting the monKEYS! I have 2 look-a-like keys on my keychain and what better way to tell them apart than by a colorful CHIMP?! (or perky primate as Fred calls them) monKEYS will solve ALL my problems! (with keys, that is)

Fred is a funny guy. I took his advice and already gave my two chimps names. Cheeky and Kong. It's much more FUN to look for lost keys by calling out names of my colorful monkeys. 'Have you seen Cheeky lately?!' Lucy is getting very confused.

Last night I found Fred's website and realized I NEED a drip clip to hold paper clips on my desk at work. A teeny-tiny kitchen sink for the desk - BRILLIANT!! I also figured out where I had seen the 'pick a nose' cups, Fred's blog had a Jack Black pic in People magazine that I recall seeing. Wow bubble wands too! I saw them on ljc's blog recently. Funny how close to Fred I was and didn't even know it!


Marisa L. B. said...

How funny, I bought the MONkeys as well in Miami and was planning a posting on them!!!!!

Lisa said...

Yes! Chimps! I doesn't matter to me, which ever one you are willing to go without. I'm just happy to have a monKEY!

Allison said...

Those Monkeys are so cute!!

This post reminded me of www.iwantoneofthose.com - browse around on there, there's some funny stuff.

MylRae said...

hmm, i'll take the orange or blue; after all I'm in Orange Country! I start at SU on 9/1... :)