Saturday, October 06, 2007

E A T.

completely unrelated to my week of food themed posts, i finished a quick-n-easy (which is how i like 'em!) craft project today that i started last week. i purchased the LETTERS at joanne's and use the remaining supplies that i had at home. i'd say they were wooden but after lightly sanding them down (per their instructions) i think they were merely some kind of wood-looking fiberboard.

i had seen the word EAT hanging on a kitchen wall in a home decorating magazine some time ago, so I was inspired for our kitchen. we still have loads of BLACK paint left over from painting our kitchen cabinets. i think painting the letters the same color provides balance against the opposite wall of black cabinets.

although i'm not the biggest fan of the letter's TYPEFACE - i do think they look GREAT up over the swing door that leads to our dining room. they add just the right touch of vintage appeal. the letters are the perfect size, not too big for that space between the trim and the ceiling and not too small that they get lost.

what do you think?!


MylRae said...

It's a toss up?!?

You already know what to do so it's not NECESSARY but it does have a whimsical feel to it.

On the other hand it's blunt and to the point. Just don't point that fork at me and say EAT!

Feed Me Seymour!

lisa said...

HAHA!! Just laughing at your mom's comment. I think it's cute! Then again I love to eat so being told to do it doesn't bother me =)

小小彬 said...
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