Friday, October 05, 2007

harvest muffins.

first grape pie, now muffins - my work colleagues are GENEROUS folk who really like to share good food! (which in turn is creating a theme for this week's blog posts) today a colleague brought in these amazing muffins from the Great Harvest Bread Co to celebrate FRIDAY.

i usually only eat the muffin tops (i'm contemplating the purchase of a muffin top baking pan), but this cherry-almond muffin was so yummy - i ate the WHOLE darn thing. it was so big it was a small meal all in itself. i didn't even know great harvest was right around the corner, they took over where montana mills used to be. we'll have to be back!


Sondra said...

Are you sure they don't need an assistant or something around there?!

MylRae said...

My plain oatmeal tastes a lot better looking at a muffin!