Tuesday, November 06, 2007

gone truckin.

mcallister's dad has these old trucks that have spent many, many years parked in their back orchard. I like to think of them as FUN vintage, garden art pieces. there are two of them that have been in the same spot since as long as I have known mcallister. (plus a few decades)

his dad has been restoring the 1947 International Truck. since we were in canada this past weekend catching up on some long-overdue family time - we got to see how far it's progressed. I spent some time capturing photographs of it b/c I just like OLD things. i will admit, the orchard looked a bit empty now that this staple is being moved into storage.

while trying to research it, I found this neat website that provides copies of old classic advertisements, including trucks. above is a 1947 ad for another International Truck. looks a little different now that it is 60 years old than it did back then!

a wedding idea crossed my mind when I was photographing it. it reminded me of a story I read about a couple who used the bed of an old truck to serve up appetizers at their fairytale outdoor, country wedding. mcallister wasn't too fond of the idea but maybe it could work!

There are more pics of the truck & our weekend on my Gallery page.


MylRae said...

Send these photos to Uncle Guy in AL; he has an old refurbished truck too; it's a light green, authentic color on a Harvester (if there's such a thing)...

He'd be impressed with your pics for sure!

Nice job, I love the B&W's too, really adds to the vintage look

nickycunha said...

really? I didn't know!

The Harvester is an International Truck too. I think they came out with that line a little later though.

Send me their email address and I'll forward along.

McAllister said...

Sweet ride Al!

emily said...

love the pics, and love the black and white version!

Jon said...

Yeah, the black and white really bring you back to the 40's


Andy said...


You were in Canada?

And you didn't let me know?!!!

Guess Hal has his visa then...

Tell him to give me a call!

lisa said...

Now I see it! Don't really know how I missed this the first time. But very neat.