Friday, November 30, 2007

goodbye to fall.

i found the 24 hour XMAS music radio station and i'm hooked. i really couldn't be more excited about the upcoming holiday season. we were away last year taking the most wonderful trip to Europe and i was very okay with being gone for xmas. but now that the holiday cheer is all around me, i'm realizing how much I missed that tradition last year and i'm super nostalgic for a holiday with friends and family.

but that's not what i'm here to talk about. i'm actually pretty bent that fall came and went so quickly. fall is my favorite season and i feel like we were ROBBED. i'm serious! where did it go?! it came late and left early. and even before it was leaving, the holiday music was kicking it out the door. poor FALL. so here's a mosaic to celebrate fall, see ya next year.


MylRae said...

click on the picture and set it to your background...Looks Great! Thanks,


PS: Yes, there will be stockings, I must say it's my favorite part of Christmas because you have no idea on what's in them!

Jon said...

I know one thing for sure...those little gold chocolate coins!!!